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Our Fire is a non-governmental organization which unites artists from many fields dedicated to the collaborative creation of free content with deep meaning and the promotion of culture, arts and scientific understanding. We also provide both legal and practical support to local artists.

Our Fire Films is a free film project under Our Fire.

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Let’s go to the great darkness together to see the great light together, to share the last moments, the first moments, to discover there is no end, just the Sun, the stars, the endless night. Let us discover again anew as we always have. That is our fate, our life and our questing journey beyond time.

Let us see the shadow of our bones, fossilizing remains in the sand and the vanishing voices still echoing in the trees. Let us see our eyes in the eyes of others and our songs in the mouths of children. Let us participate in the great becoming, by giving the flesh, the teeth, the blood and the water of our self.

Let us return to the temple cave from which all life emerged, and paint, and paint on the walls, the floor and the ceiling what we have seen, felt, heard, touched and smelled. Let us paint for others that come and shall become, for them to see and hear and feel in their deepest dreams, let us shine the light so they can find.

And there, outside of time, let’s join our nonexisting hands and dissolve into the forces of nature and add to their mind, their truth and their power of existence, as we always have. Amen.


Our idea is the burning creative fire of many people, who have come together to create art through music, pictures, movement, dance…, to say something. It is an exciting and a fun journey in which we invite to participate, as well as experience the results made available freely.

In this 4 walls age of commerce and capitalism we invite to experience and realise that our human world is what we make it to be, and you don’t have to live in a universe which is not in harmony with your self. All it takes to live in a radically another and perhaps a better, deeper world is a change of perspective. And a different perspective is what we wish to tell and support.

Everything is real. Everything is unreal.



  • Andris Krastiņš – director, manager, operator, editor, lawyer
  • Dāvis Drazdovskis – photographer, operator, editor, biologist
  • Ieva Tihovska – musician, anthropologist, manager


Contact information

Our Fire

Reg. No.: 40008175610


Official adress: “Irbenāji”, Priedes, Abavas pag., Talsu nov., LV-3294

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